All Stem Classes will be held on the designated dates starting from 9:30 am until 12 noon each Saturday morning as scheduled below.

Dates and programs may change due to unforeseen issues please check back to review as time moves on.

We have partnered with EARTH & SPACE (NISE Net Worth) which advances learning opportunities across

the United States and will enhance our STEM curriculum very soon.  

We are now accepting new applicants to attend our classes starting in August 2020 into 2021..

                Classes will continue until June 27, 2020. Keep checking back for more info.                

                    STEM  classes will now be suspended until August 2020

                       Dates and times will be announced in August 2020..















Hello from the Valiant Radials STEM program!  Our Valiant Air Command STEM Team Members are still working behind the scenes from home to continue our STEM program. The most important thing we are currently doing is having our STEM instructors share with our Students online. On Saturday mornings, STEM is at the VAC via ‘Go to Meeting’ using a webinar. Visit the Video page to see an example of how it works.

Info on how we use a webinar in today's world

 On line Instructors


New online learning options are popping up daily during the pandemic. Who is teaching these courses? Are they qualified? Background checked?


As parents you are asking these same questions as we all seek to fill our children’ schedules with, engaging, educational activities during school closures.


At the Valiant Air Command Valiant Radials STEM have an experienced elite team of Instructors comprised of Volunteers who served in the armed services, retired NASA Volunteers including  retired Engineers.


You know who is instructing your children online or in person at the Valiant Air Command.

Important Information on the


The Museum is still closed as of July 1, 2020









All STEM Students must be attending Middle School or High School. Qualifications for younger students will be made by the STEM Coordinator.

There is a limit on class size. Applications will be accepted by the date the application is received until the class is full. We still have available space for new students for Group 2 so if interested please sign up.  We are now accepting new applicants for Group 3, classes will begin sometime in

August 2020. Keep checking back for more info.




Valiant Radials STEM Program Schedule

Please note: All 2020 professional development STEM workshops have been cancelled. All instructors and guest speakers who are approved to instruct at the Valiant Radicals STEM Curriculum will receive information on how to access our online curriculum training later this August 2020.

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